CTC - Save Our Stan


12 Jul 2020

Any safe, socially distant location you choose!
From: Any time!
To: 12 Jul 2020
Distance: 5 Kilometres
Entry Fee: £5.00
send your photos to Hhods@aol.com

You can complete your run at any time between 10th July and 8pm on 12th July 2020.

Many of you will be aware of ‘Save Our Stan’, the campaign to raise funds to send Stan to Singapore for treatment for his leukemia. Little Stan is just two years old and has been fighting leukemia since March 2019. In June this year he had a relapse and his family have been told that there is nothing more that can be done for him here in the UK. Their only chance of life-saving treatment for Stan is to take him to Singapore. When we heard about Stan’s heart-breaking story we decided at Carlisle Tri Club that we couldn’t sit back and do nothing and so we’ve created a virtual fancy dress fun run for you to take part in! We will be donating all profits from this event to this campaign to help get Stan the life-saving treatment he so urgently needs. You can choose to walk or run 5k in any fancy dress costume you like. Let’s fill the streets with people running in fancy dress and make people smile! (If you prefer not to dress up that’s fine too). You can complete your run at any time between 10th July and 8pm on 12th July 2020. Once you have completed your run you need to send your photos to Hhods@aol.com The photos will be put on our social media sites and possibly our website. Let’s get loads of you out running in fancy dress and make people smile while we’re fund raising for this little boy! Each competitor will receive a finisher’s certificate which will be emailed to them. There will be spot prizes for the best costumes! Happy running everyone!


Results for this race are not yet available.


Carlisle Tri Club

Heather Rowe


5 Kilometres
Entry limit:
Remaining places:
Not suitable for wheelchairs


    • No water stations
    • No distance markers
    • No toilets
    • No changing facilities
    • No showers
    • No baggage store

    I understand and agree that I am taking part in this virtual race at entirely my own risk and that no liability whatsoever shall attach to the event organiser, or any person involved in the event organisation, for any injury, accidents, fatality, illness, loss or damage suffered by me in, or by reason of the event, however such may be caused. I understand that it is my own sole responsibility to obey the Highway Code at all times during the course of the event. I understand fully that taking part in events on the public highway is not without risk and my safety is my responsibility. I also understand and agree to keep to government guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic and specifically those relating to social distancing. I understand that the photographs that I send in to the event organisers will appear on the Carlisle Tri Club social media pages and possibly on their website. I understand that if I am not happy for my photo to be used in this way, I will need to contact the race organiser (Heather Rowe) myself to specifically ask for my photo not to be published.

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